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Risk Assessment

Examples of Risk Assessments for CAYF Clubs

The DfT (Department for Transport) Port Marine Safety Code requires all harbour authorities to ensure that risk assessments are carried out to identify and minimise risks which may result in personal injury, or damage to property or the environment.

On the Rivers Crouch and Roach this includes events organised by yacht/sailing clubs, the risk assessment procedure is required  to be submitted t  by the event organisers ( as they know the detail best) to the Crouch Harbour Authority to 

Club Events

Three risk assessment models are suggested, providing for Major, Medium and Minor events. The following examples of risk assessments were recently compiled by the Heads of the River Combined Clubs Committee with Capt Mike Robarts (CHA contractor). They can be adapted for use by other Clubs  as appropriate .

 A Major Event is one which is likely to have a major impact on the operation of the harbour, requiring special arrangements agreed in advance with the harbour authority, for which a full risk assessment should be prepared, in consultation where appropriate with the emergency services. Examples of such events are the Burnham Week  Races competitors and  many spectator craft).

 A Medium Event is one having a noticeable impact on the operation of the harbour but for which the harbour authority would not need to consider special arrangements in advance,  risk assessment form can be used.

 A Small Event is one having little or no impact on the operation of the harbour and with minimal risks to non-participants. For these events, for which a formal risk assessment is inappropriate, a standard notification form can be used, whether for a one-off event, or a series of small events (e.g. “Thursday evening Cadet training”).